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A franchise consultant is someone who helps a potential franchisee open a new franchise, or a franchisor expand their business. Sometimes it can be a very time-consuming job, depending on the client. For example, the franchise consultant for someplace like Pizza Hut will probably make more than the H&R franchise consultant. This is based on the frequency of locations and the popularity of the franchise. According to GlassDoor.com, the franchise consultant for Pizza Hut makes anywhere from $115,000 – $123,000 per year whereas the consultant for H&R Block only makes about $78,304.


What is the pay difference between a franchise broker and a franchise consultant?

Becoming a franchise consultant can have several benefits over being a franchise broker. A franchise broker is someone who sells franchises for a client. They rely mostly off of commission, which means if the franchise doesn’t sell than they do not make money. As a consultant, there is a steady paycheck and a set value of how much money you will make.

Franchise consulting is a decent paying job if done well, and more profit can be found in joining a franchise consulting franchise. By being part of a company, the franchise consultant will automatically have accounts to manage and will not have to fight for competition in the workforce as a privatized franchise consultant.

What is a franchising franchise? Is it profitable?

At places like Transworld, the consultants primarily work on finding the right franchise for potential franchisees, which can be very difficult at times. A franchise consultant needs to find a franchise based on the client’s needs, desires, skills, and many other factors that help put them on the right directions.

Transworld manages hundreds of clients across the country and serves as a franchise itself. With that being said, there are two ways for a franchise consultant to make a decent paycheck. By joining a preexisting franchise, you can make money as a franchise consultant with a trusted brand name as opposed to trying to be one on your own. The second option is opening your own Transworld franchise and not only being a franchise consultant but a franchise owner as well.

Transworld is available worldwide and has ample opportunities for more franchises. This could increase profit for you as a franchise consultant and owner. According to payscale.com, the average franchise consultant makes about $76,400 a year. For a more precise estimate of how much you can make as a franchise consultant at Transworld, reach out to us and we can supply you with that information.

Transworld offers several services aside franchise consulting as well. There are opportunities as a franchise broker, business advisor, and several other aspects of sales, franchises, mergers, and acquisitions. Learn more about us and join our team.