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You may be wondering what a business brokerage franchise is and how Transworld fits into the picture. For starters, Transworld is an integral part of the small business landscape. We help clients turn their business into a franchise, a very important step in their lives.

It’s our job to provide guidance, solutions, and advice in regards to helping clients grow, buy or sell their businesses. We’ve sold over 10,000 businesses and have over 500 brokers worldwide. We pride ourselves on teaching clients how to prepare their business for a sale, teaching sellers about the sales process, helping both buyers and sellers know the value of a business, and teaching sellers how to market the sale of their business in a professional and confidential manner.

Four Streams of Revenue in One

When you franchise with Transworld, you’re actually performing four businesses at once: franchise consulting, franchise development, business brokerage, and mergers and acquisitions. With four streams of revenue in one business brokerage franchise, you’ll have quadruple the opportunity for growth and success.

Franchise consulting. Our franchise consultants match clients to the franchise opportunity that best suits their criteria, background, and investment.

Franchise development. When owners want to franchise their existing business and expand, we can help duplicate their concept in a franchise form in less than 30 days.

Business brokerage. We help franchisees sell their business while still operating day to day and make the process go more smoothly.

Mergers and acquisitions. Our mergers and acquisitions team has the expertise to ensure a smooth and successful transaction to help your clients achieve their aspirations.

Why Transworld?

Transworld is the world’s largest business brokerage franchise. We’ve become an industry leader with over 40 years of experience, specializing in the sale of businesses. Our investment opportunity is perfect for anyone who wants to get into business for themselves.

  • Turnkey investment. We’re one of the most affordable franchising opportunities available, and our turnkey investment sets you up with the tools you need to succeed, including professional training services, materials to begin a business brokerage firm, and industry support, to name a few.
  • Balanced quality of life. Our franchisees work from home, whenever, and wherever they want.
  • Comprehensive training program. We train our franchisees for two weeks at United Franchise Group (UFG)’s headquarters, where you can learn about business brokerage, franchise consulting, franchise development, and how to run, manage, and grow a successful business.
  • Support of United Franchise Group. UFG has over three decades of franchising success under their belt.
  • Low-cost investment. We have a low start-up fee and require no inventory or equipment.
  • High-profit potential. Our proprietary, proven business model features multiple streams of revenue.
  • No experience is necessary. We do not require business brokerage experience. With our unparalleled training and ongoing support, we are there for you every step of the way.

With today’s economic state conducive to businesses buying and selling at record numbers, virtually any business can utilize Transworld’s expertise and services

Contact us today to learn more about a business brokerage franchise with Transworld.