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The Transworld Business Advisors business brokerage franchise opportunity can help you join an in-demand industry while going into business for yourself. With a franchising boom on the horizon, the Great Resignation, and millions of baby boomers retiring all coinciding, more entrepreneurs are interested in franchise opportunities than ever, making now a no better time to join Transworld Business Advisors!

We’re a part of two behemoth industries: business brokerage and franchising. The business brokerage market in the U.S. is currently valued at $1.3B and is expected to increase by 3.4% over the course of the year. The franchising industry in the U.S. outputs $670B. Business services like Transworld Business Advisors are part of the second-largest segment, bringing in $121B of the industry’s total economic output.

Franchised businesses are a large part of our client base. We work with more than 300 franchise companies in every stage of their business lifecycle by helping them buy, sell, and franchise. As part of United Franchise Group (UFG), we have first-hand experience with franchise brands like Signarama, Fully Promoted, Venture X, and more. UFG has grown to an internationally successful conglomerate of brands with over 1,400 franchise locations in more than 60 countries. Our symbiotic partnership with UFG gives us access to industry-leading resources and a vast network of franchise experts as we meet growing demand by connecting both buyers and sellers.

Transworld Business Advisors features another unique advantage with our proven business model. We provide our clients with business brokerage services, franchise consulting, franchise development, and mergers and acquisitions. These four services make us a one-stop shop for our clients and provide our franchisees with multiple revenue streams.

With the business brokerage industry thriving, Transworld Business Advisors franchisees can capitalize on its augmentation while realizing revenue from the booming franchise industry. Business brokerage is a great way to break into both industries while saving money thanks to low business costs and zero inventory required.

As another vantage, the profit potential is unlimited! We’ve helped sell over 10,000 businesses, and our business model provides plenty of opportunities to build revenue. Transworld Business Advisors utilizes a confidential system that benefits both buyers and sellers by keeping transactions discreet. Our efficient system works to match buyers and sellers, resulting in a smooth transition and good fit and ultimately an easier profit for the broker.

When you join the world leader in business brokerage, you can help clients in an in-demand industry with all of their business needs while becoming your own boss. Transworld Business Advisors is an excellent opportunity to start your own business and thrive!