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While it might be easier to adapt to a franchise model than jump into business for yourself, that doesn’t mean a Transworld franchise is for everyone. No prior experience in the franchise development space is required, but there are certainly personal characteristics we look for in potential franchisees. To truly maximize the potential of your Transworld franchise experience, you should fully understand our business model and the different income verticals, take advantage of training opportunities, and demonstrate the initiative and discipline required to work independently from home.

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You Understand Our Business Model

At Transworld, we believe that our unique business model has been a main contributing factor in our status as a world leader in the commercial brokerage business industry. For new franchisees joining our franchise development team, we ask that you fully understand how we operate here at Transworld, our history, mission, and the many opportunities for turning a profit.

Here are a few reasons why our business model is so great, and has propelled us to be ranked #1 in the business brokerage industry on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 listing:

  • You can work from anywhere you want and not necessarily behind a desk all day
  • Incentives from referrals
  • Potential for high profits due to both clients and referrals
  • Ongoing franchisor support throughout the entire business’s lifespan

Take Full Advantage of Training

A conscientious franchise development business owner should always take advantage of opportunities to learn and stay abreast of industry trends. After you’ve signed on with us, and attended training at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, a corporate representative will come to you and help you find a location for potential business leads. The representative will continue to be on hand to show you the details of how to get your business off the ground. We also encourage you to take complete advantage of our proprietary software, which will help keep you up-to-date on the newest research and industry developments.

Individually Motivated

Because the majority of our franchisees work from home, you should be comfortable operating independently, creating and sticking to a schedule, and exercising discipline when it comes to structuring your daily tasks. If you’re confident in maintaining the same level of professionalism and communication in your own home as in an office, running a franchise development business from home could be the perfect fit for you. Working from home allows you to save money in equipment costs, rent, and hiring expenses, as well as providing flexibility of time and location.

If you believe you exemplify the qualities necessary to become a Transworld franchisee, reach out to us for more information, and to take the first steps toward entering the franchise development space.

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