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As a Transworld business advisor, you’ll be able to leverage multiple revenue streams. Our franchisees offer numerous in-demand services designed to help small businesses in your area. Here, review a few of the most popular services you’ll provide.

1. Franchise Consulting Services

Franchise consulting services encompass a number of options. As a Transworld business advisor, you’ll work with franchisors in various stages who want to see their businesses grow. You’ll help them with things like:

  • Refining their franchise support systems
  • Marketing their franchise opportunity
  • Rebranding
  • Refining their sales funnel

and so forth. As franchising continues to grow in popularity, the demand for these services is also growing in communities across the U.S. 

2. Business Brokerage

Transworld is perhaps best known for our business brokerage services. We got our start as a business brokerage firm and have developed a strong reputation within the industry as a trustworthy source for businesses looking to sell. Transworld business advisors know how to connect business buyers and sellers while protecting their sensitive information and brokering the best deals for both parties. 

Transworld utilizes proprietary systems to facilitate these transactions, greatly simplifying things for our franchisees.

3. Business Advising

Before they’re ready for franchise consulting services, businesses need to decide if franchising is right for them. Transworld business advisors can help these clients weigh the pros and cons of franchising vs. different growth strategies. 

Many of our franchisees come to us without much knowledge of franchising, but we provide them with comprehensive training that gets them up to speed. They learn the criteria for great franchises, so they’re able to help their clients determine the best courses of action.

4. Franchise Development

When a business owner decides to franchise their business, there’s much work to be done. It involves cutting through a good deal of red tape when it comes to establishing themselves as a franchisor, creating materials to attract prospective franchisees, developing franchise support systems, and much more. Transworld business advisors simplify this process for their clients, walking them through each step in the process and providing support where it’s needed.

Transworld is a part of United Franchise Group, an industry-leading firm that has built numerous successful franchise brands from the ground up. You’ll leverage our knowledge and expertise to provide your clients with valuable services. Having our experts behind you lends you strong credibility in a growing field. 

These are just a few of the popular services we have to offer. When you contact us, we can provide you with more information on what you can expect regarding your day-to-day tasks.

Get in touch today to learn more about Transworld and the in-demand services our franchisees have to offer.