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Many entrepreneurs flirt with the idea of owning their own franchise, but it can often be difficult to kickstart the process, locate available franchises, or navigate the paperwork surrounding franchise ownership. That’s where franchise consulting comes in. Our trained franchise consultants make the process smooth and easy, so our clients know exactly what they’re getting  into. We stay with our clients through every stage of the process, from selecting an appropriate franchise, to managing the paperwork, to structuring your operations.

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3 Steps

Step 1- Free Franchise Consultation

First, we’ll learn all about you and your goals. To appropriately match you with a franchise, we need to take into consideration your business background, skills, hobbies, and investment level. Our franchise consultants are always on call to help you identify the franchise that best fits your criteria.

Step 2- Determine the Right Match for You

Regardless of the industry our clients are interested in, we need to be able to provide them with franchise information and suggestions, in accordance with their needs. To match clients with the perfect franchise, we have developed relationships with some of the leading franchise companies in North America, and utilize this extensive network to get the best results for our clients.

Step 3- Franchise Consulting Research and Due Diligence

Throughout the franchise consulting  process, you will be given general information on the franchise opportunities you select, and have the opportunity to speak with franchisors about their franchise. This is your time to ask questions, and really learn what makes their franchise (and your prospective new business) special.

Our Process

For those who already own a franchise, and want to see it grow and thrive, we pride ourselves on our smooth, comprehensive franchise consulting process. We assign each client a Franchise Consultant, who is familiar with the franchising industry’s nuances, and is well-equipped to guide them through the process. These consultants will design a specialized Transworld Franchise Development Program, structured according to clients’ individual needs and industries. Our Franchising Professionals work extensively with clients to determine the best way of structuring their franchisor program.

Our Franchise Consultants also assist clients in navigating the all-important Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreements. These documents cover the financial aspects of a business, quality control, operating systems and procedures, marketing, future options/alternatives and many other business aspects. It can be a lot of work for an aspiring franchisor to tackle solo, and having an experienced franchise consulting team help them navigate the process is a huge weight lifted off their shoulders.

It’s easy to see why buyers and sellers of franchises consider us a valuable resource. To take your first step into franchise consulting, reach out to us for more info.