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Whether you’re hoping for a better work-life balance so you can spend more time with your family, or you’re tired of having someone constantly looking over your shoulder in the office, finding a career where you can work from home is ideal for many people. Perhaps you’ve even seen some of the latest statistics claiming remote workers are actually more productive than office workers. According to Forbes, “A ConnectSolutions study found that 77 percent of remote workers get more done in fewer hours thanks to fewer distractions like meetings, conversations, and noisy coworkers.”

With a career as a Transworld franchise broker, you’re not just working from home – you’re in the driver’s seat. Experience the thrill of taking control of your career, with the support and backing of an established network behind you.

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Make Your Own Schedule

There are quite a few perks to doing the majority of your work from the comfort of your own home – just imagine wasting zero time on commuting! But taking back control of your day-to-day schedule is undoubtedly one of the best. Most modern American workers are spending nearly fifty hours a week in an office (not including time spent driving to and from), leaving them less time than ever to spend with their family, take care of important personal appointments, and develop a life outside of work.

When you work from home, you choose when to start your day. When you want to take a break or schedule an appointment, you have the flexibility you need. You aren’t tied to your desk, the way you are in an office. As long as you’re a hard worker and stay motivated, you might just find yourself one of the many Americans who is happier and more efficient working from home.

See Your Hard Work Pay Off

One of the big differences that you experience when you make the change to working from home, for yourself, is feeling like you are in charge of your success. With nobody micro-managing you, you will have a greater sense of ownership in your work. Seeing a direct connection between the tasks you accomplish in a day and your earnings is the ultimate reward.

With Transworld, you’ll have the opportunity to work with other entrepreneurs and play an important role in the business sale. The day-to-day work in most corporate careers can feel monotonous and boring. But in your job as a franchise broker, no deal will look exactly the same.

Even better, with a career as a Transworld franchise broker you have the opportunity to experience fulfilling work and the potential for incredible profits. Because there is no need to lease and maintain an office space or hire additional employees, the cost to launch your Transworld brokerage business is much lower than with other types of franchise opportunities.

Discover the Transworld Difference

Working from home doesn’t always mean working for yourself. But with Transworld, you can have the best of both worlds. Starting a franchise brokerage business from scratch is costly and requires a huge time commitment.

When you choose to franchise with Transworld, not only will you have access to our proven business model and ongoing support, but you will be able to get your business up and running quickly. You’ll also have the backing of the United Franchise Group, a family of five franchise brands that encompasses over 1400 franchise locations in 73 countries across the globe.

If you’re ready to take control of your career and learn the advantages of working from home first-hand, learn more about how you can become a Transworld franchise broker today.