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Without franchise broker training, being a successful franchise broker may be difficult. Especially as the franchise industry continues to grow, more and more franchise brokers are becoming franchisees themselves with Transworld. If you are interested in helping your clients fully understanding the value of their company and pursuing a franchise opportunity, here is how you can help.

Become a Transworld Franchisee

By joining Transworld, you will access to key tools that will help both you and your clients reach their potential. Transworld offers franchise broker training at our headquarters in Florida so that you will know the ins and outs of the industry as well as being a franchise broker. In addition, we offer franchisees ongoing support so that you are not alone if you have any questions.

Transworld also offers franchisees other benefits such as location flexibility and a low investment cost. This means you can basically run your franchise from any location, and the investment of starting your franchise won’t break the bank.

Use Transworld’s Franchise Development Program

If your client has a business that has grown to the point where they could explore franchise opportunities, you may be able to help with our Franchise Development Program. With this, you will accurately be able to determine the feasibility this company has for franchising as well as its profitability. Through Transworld, clients will be able to comprehend if their franchise will be successful or not before they even pursue the opportunity.

Use Transworld’s Franchise Resale Program

If your client already has a franchise and is looking to remarket and sell franchise units, you can help them as a Transworld franchisee. Transworld’s Franchise Resale Program helps clients figure out the best strategies to resell franchises that may be challenging to find a good fit for. With your help through Transworld, you can market to the Transworld network to help find a match for the franchise. In addition, you can help assist with the entire process until the new franchisee is happily in their new franchise.

Through becoming a Transworld franchisee and using the programs already in place, you will see growing satisfaction both in yourself and in your clients. Transworld has perfected the craft of franchise advising and is helping prospective franchisees do the same. By joining the franchise team, you are automatically becoming a better franchise broker.

For more information about starting your franchise, contact us today!