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The years after the pandemic have produced a period of exceptional growth and recovery followed by a year of moderation for the franchise industry. While high inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues affected the industry throughout 2022, the franchise business market is expected to continue to see growth in 2023.

The issues caused by economic uncertainty aren’t without some merit: franchisees were able to navigate pandemic-era business challenges with the support of their franchise network.

It’s no surprise franchising is such a big industry; after all, it’s one of the most successful business models in the US. Franchising offers an attractive way to start a business with low initial investments and proven franchise systems. Aspiring entrepreneurs are moving to the franchise market at an unprecedented rate and are expected to continue driving growth for the industry for the next few years.

The key to franchising’s success is that it dominates virtually every industry and creates jobs at a faster pace than the rest of the economy. Our franchisees can capitalize on this growing industry by helping successful companies break into the franchise industry and helping franchisors sell more franchises.

How Our Franchisees Fit into the Franchise Business Market

With the franchise industry booming, many entrepreneurs are looking to buy a franchise concept, many business owners are looking to expand through franchising, and many franchisors are looking for suitable franchise candidates. Transworld Business Advisors franchisees are the key to making all of these transactions happen.

Transworld franchises can help both buyers and sellers in a business transaction. The need to buy, sell, and franchise businesses is a constant necessity, and growing in demand like never before. These transactions require the skills of a business broker to ensure all parties are kept confidential and are satisfied with the results.

Our franchisees are a crucial part of the small business market, providing guidance, solutions, and advice to our clients in one of the most important transactions of someone’s life. It’s our mission to help our clients grow, buy, or sell their businesses, and with only one business broker for about 1,850 businesses, the demand for business brokers is there.

Deciding Between a Small Business and a Franchise

If you’re on the fence about starting a business broker career from scratch, consider buying a business broker franchise with Transworld instead! Franchising gives business owners a leg up on the competition, providing franchisees with the backing, training, and resources only a leading franchisor can provide.

Transworld provides our franchisees with tested and proven systems and processes, a strong support network, and proprietary technology that makes it easier for them to help clients. Here are some other factors you should consider:

  • Starting your own business will require you to build your own connections
  • A franchise is part of an established brand
  • Buying a consulting franchise is more affordable
  • You don’t need as much business experience with a franchise
  • With a small business, you’ll be on your own

What Does It Mean to Be a Business Advisor in the Franchise Industry?

Transworld has over 40 years of experience in the business brokerage world. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you become a trusted member of your small business community as you break into a billion-dollar industry.

Our business opportunity enables you to be a business broker, franchise broker, and business advisor all in one, with the training, support, and systems you need. We’ve added four potential revenue streams into our franchise system, so you have four times the opportunity for growth and success.

As the world leader in business brokerage, we’ve made it easy for you to start your own business with our easy-to-follow and profitable franchise model and systems. Our opportunity is a low-cost, turnkey investment with no physical inventory, a low payroll, a low overhead, and a higher income potential. You’ll enjoy a greater quality of life, as you create your own schedule and work whenever and wherever you want. Plus, there’s no experience necessary!

With a bright future ahead for the franchise industry, the business brokerage industry is thriving now more than ever before. Transworld Business Advisors franchisees are able to capitalize on both the franchise industries and business brokerage industries as they build a strong business for themselves.

Curious to learn more about Transworld and why you should consider joining the booming business market with us? Contact us today!