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When you open a Transworld franchise consulting and business brokerage franchise, you’ll work with a number of clients with a range of needs. As a business-to-business or B2B franchise, we provide valuable services directly to other businesses rather than consumers. In particular, Transworld helps business owners to buy and sell their businesses, as well as to achieve growth through franchising. With that in mind, here are a few of the customers you can expect to work with as a Transworld franchisee. 

1. Business Owners Who Want to Sell (Business Brokerage)

As a business brokerage franchise, this group makes up a significant share of our customer base. When business owners have made the decision to retire or move on to other ventures, they often decide to sell. They need to be connected with buyers who are well-qualified to purchase the business, yet, they don’t want it to become public knowledge that they’re selling. That could cause employees to quit and investors to lose confidence, which can ultimately affect the value of their business. 

Transworld franchisees help to discreetly connect them with prospective buyers while protecting their sensitive information. Our franchisees also help to facilitate deals so that sellers get the best possible price. They earn a commission on every one of these sales.

2. Business Owners Who Want to Become Franchisors (Franchise Development)

There’s no doubt that franchising has been steadily gaining popularity for decades. It’s a great way for business owners with a great concept to expand without having to personally take on the risk and expense of opening new locations. 

Our franchisees help business owners to convert their enterprises into franchises. Worried your lack of franchising knowledge will get in the way? It won’t. Transworld is a part of United Franchise Group, a leading force in the franchise industry. Our experts have helped countless business owners make the transition to franchising, and they’re ready to pass on their expertise and guidance to you. 

3. Franchisors That Want to Improve Their Performance (Franchise Consulting)

Once you’ve helped business owners make the switch to franchising, they’ll want to ensure that they stay on the right track to growth. Transworld’s franchise consulting services help them do just that. You’ll take factors into account like their current marketing programs, their lead generation, and franchisee performance to help them sharpen up their systems and improve their growth. 

Again, Transworld’s proven system comes into play here. Our experts know how to identify a franchise’s strengths and weaknesses and have procedures in place to help them build up their franchise sales. All our franchisees need to do is master the system and rely on our experts to help them provide the best services possible.

These are just a few of the customers you’ll likely work with when you open a new Transworld business brokerage franchise. Contact us today to learn more about your role as a franchisee.