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In the wake of the 2008 recession, people from all walks of life began to think about starting their own business, one that would allow them the flexibility to work from home and still make a good income. They viewed this move as a way to build long-term security, eliminate dependence on an employer and create some work-life balance.

You may be one of these people. You may be a corporate executive, a retiree, a brand-new college graduate or a stay-at-home mom whose children are all in school. Each has a reason for wanting to start something new, and they all can benefit from some expert help.

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Risk of Starting a New Business

Statistics show that nine out of 10 start-ups fail. The reasons are many, but when asked, owners of the failed businesses identified the lack of market for their product as the number one cause of failure.

What if someone could show these potential entrepreneurs an opportunity that reduces a significant portion of that risk? How different would outcomes be if someone helped them find a product or service, backed by a proven business model, that aligns with their lifestyle, values, goals and budget?

Consider the opportunities if that someone was you. What if your new business venture became working to help others find their new venture?

Define what you want to accomplish. Think about how you want to work, and what you feel comfortable investing, both in time and money. Do you want to do one specific job day to day or do you want to fill multiple roles?

What type and level of job satisfaction are you seeking? Do you relish the idea of helping others, or is the financial reward what drives you? Either way, try something that you love to do, because your passion will fuel your excitement and keep you motivated.

If you desire the flexibility of managing your business from home, and helping people achieve their dreams, keep reading.

Transworld Business Advisors — Brokers, Consultants and Developers

As a Transworld business advisor, you have three chances to make money helping people with their businesses. As a broker, you will match people wanting to sell a business with properly vetted potential buyers. Clients who are selling benefit because everything takes place quietly behind the scenes and they can continue operations during the process.

Franchise consultants present budding entrepreneurs possible franchise opportunities from more than 200 companies. With Transworld’s experience and partnerships, they can find an option to fit any client’s needs. You will build a reputation as the go-to source for matching people and companies.

Working in the area of business development brings you into contact with individuals who have an idea or working business model they would like to turn into a franchise opportunity. You might be the one to create the ground floor opportunity that changes the lives of many people.

The three-pronged approach of the Transworld team offers its franchisees multiple income streams by providing value for clients at each step of the way. If you’re interested in learning more, go to the following Transworld site. Good luck on your business journey.

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