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Becoming a business broker is a great way to go into business for yourself. Many people prepare for this career by attaining college degrees, but you might be surprised to learn that this lengthy (and costly!) route isn’t always necessary. Transworld is a well-established, highly-regarded brand that’s been helping  broker business deals for years. Our franchise owners take part in a comprehensive training program, master our business model, and go on to help business buyers and sellers reach deals that are mutually beneficial. Some of our franchisees actually dig deeper by becoming franchise consultants themselves, helping business owners expand by franchising their brand. If you’re tired of working for someone else, don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from becoming a business broker and enjoying greater independence.

What Can Becoming a Business Broker Do for You?

Many Transworld franchisees were once corporate employees who were tired of doing their best work for someone else’s benefit. Corporate employees often have to contend with long hours, modest scheduled raises (regardless of how much money they help their company make), navigating HR to take sick or vacation days, and working at a time that’s convenient to others. Make no mistake, Transworld franchisees work hard to keep their business running smoothly. However, they enjoy a good deal more freedom than many corporate employees. They can decide for themselves when they’d like to take vacations, which tasks to manage each day, when they want to schedule meetings, and much more. Best of all, if their business performs well, they enjoy the majority of the profits themselves.

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How is Transworld Different from Other Franchises?

If you’re looking for more freedom, Transworld might be the franchise brand for you. While other franchises like restaurants and retail stores require you to invest in commercial real estate, many Transworld franchisees opt to work out of a home office – saving them money on their initial investment and allowing them greater flexibility. Furthermore, Transworld is a B2B, or “business to business” franchise. Rather than selling products and services to consumers, we actually work with other business owners. Businesses are bought and sold virtually every day, and business owners need reputable business brokers to help them manage sales while protecting their confidential information and helping to ensure that they’re dealing with serious buyers. Since our services are always in need, our franchisees might find that their businesses are better able to withstand economic downturn than other franchise brands.

How it Works

Becoming a business broker doesn’t need to take years when you partner with Transworld. We’ve condensed our years of experience into a time-tested business model, a comprehensive training program, and ongoing support for franchisees. If you become a franchisee, you’ll take part in initial training at our corporate headquarters that dives deep into the process of buying and selling businesses. We’ll also show you how to do things like find qualified buyers, develop a strong reputation that will attract sellers, and keep confidential information safe. We work with franchisees before and after their doors have opened to help them make the most of their franchise investment.

Want to learn more about becoming a business broker with Transworld? Contact us today!