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Transworld franchise owners have the unique advantage of offering multiple revenue streams, keeping their businesses competitive. Some people might think that offering so many services must require a degree in business or finance, but that’s not the case: we’re able to get franchisees up to speed on how to provide all of these services, even if they have no prior experience in the industry. Here, we’ll review some of the customers you’ll be able to work with when you become a franchise consultant.

1. Buyers and Sellers of Businesses

Business brokerage is the cornerstone of our business. At any given time, thousands of businesses are for sale in the U.S. In fact, 2018 was a record year with over 10,000 businesses sold to new owners. Each one of those transactions required strategic matching of buyers and sellers. That’s where business brokers like Transworld franchisees come in.

Our franchisees work with business owners to identify the perfect buyers. This requires some finesse – oftentimes, business owners don’t want to release their sensitive information to just anyone. Our franchisees help them by sorting through prospective buyers to find the ones who would be the best match. They also facilitate the process of sharing confidential information with buyers to protect the sellers’ interests. When everything goes well, a deal is struck and our franchisees enjoy a percentage of the sale. 

With thousands of businesses being sold every year, there’s lots of room for our franchisees to stake a claim in the industry. 

2. Transworld Franchise Consulting

Some entrepreneurs find that their independently-owned businesses are performing so well, they’d like to explore franchising. When you become a franchise consultant with Transworld, you’ll be able to help them through the process of becoming a franchisor. We’ll show you how to help them assess their readiness for franchising, develop a franchise disclosure document (FDD), figure out what their franchise fee and other costs will come to, and much more. 

3. Transworld Franchise Development

Oftentimes, even well-established franchisors find themselves stuck in a rut. Despite having a great franchise opportunity, they’re just not finding the right investors. That’s where Transworld franchisees come in. You can help franchisors to boost their lead flow, and ultimately their sales, by analyzing their current strategies and improving them. When you become a franchise consultant, you’ll be able to help franchisors update their FDD, improve their digital marketing efforts, rework their costs and fees, and help them better connect with their ideal prospects. 

As you can see, Transworld franchisees are able to take advantage of three distinctive revenue streams. With your help, the businesses in your territory can get on the right track and stay there.

Are you ready to find out why countless businesses have already turned to Transworld franchisees for help? Contact us today to learn more.