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If you’re interested in becoming a business broker, you’re probably deciding on the best way to get started: buy into a franchise system like ours or start from scratch. Transworld is the leading business brokerage franchise because we have decades of experience behind us. That experience is invaluable to our franchisees as we help establish and grow their new businesses. Here, learn about a few of the perks of choosing to franchise with Transworld.

#1. You’ll Never Have to Go It Alone

One of the best reasons to become a business broker with Transworld is that you can count on us to be there for you. When you run into questions or obstacles, we’ll help you to find solutions. Given our many years of experience, we’re well suited to help you find the answers you need. Independent operators, on the other hand, often have no one to turn to when they encounter problems – they have only themselves to rely on.

#2. In-Depth Training

Starting your own business doesn’t come with an instruction manual – unless you franchise, that is. Every Transworld franchisee takes part in two weeks of in-depth training at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and online. There, you’ll learn virtually everything there is to know about how to:

  • Find new customers
  • Provide excellent business brokerage, franchise advising, and franchise consulting services
  • Manage billing and other records
  • Leverage the many resources we’ve developed

This training program is one of the reasons you don’t need any prior experience to become a business broker with Transworld. Our streamlined system is simple to master when you dedicate yourself to making the most of your training.

Independent owners usually don’t have anyone to show them the ropes – they need to figure it all out on their own, which can take a while and lead to inefficient use of resources and time. Franchising allows you to start off on the right track quickly.

#3. A Time-Tested System

No one can guarantee how any new business will perform; there are countless variables in play. That said, operating under a time-tested system can provide you with some measure of confidence that you’re using strategies that have worked in the past. Furthermore, franchisees don’t need to reinvent the wheel. All they need to do is master the processes we’ve already set up.

This practice is also helpful when it comes to making the initial investment. Transworld has set up a comprehensive investment breakdown that includes virtually everything you’ll need to become a business broker, from software systems to marketing expenses. Having access to this detailed itemization greatly reduces the likelihood that you’ll run into unexpected costs as you open. Independent owners typically don’t have that luxury.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider franchising as opposed to starting your business brokerage firm from scratch. Contact Transworld today to learn more about the process.