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Transworld business advisors do a lot more than broker the buying and selling of businesses – they help support their local economies in many ways. If you’re looking for a career change, you just might find that becoming a business advisor/franchise consultant with Transworld is just what you’ve been looking for. Here, we’ll review some of the major perks of franchising with Transworld. 

1. They Help Local Businesses Flourish

Transworld business advisors help local businesses thrive in many ways. They’re able to:

  • Help connect qualified buyers and sellers discreetly so that businesses can run smoothly throughout the process of a sale
  • Grow small businesses by guiding their owners through the process of developing a franchise concept
  • Help franchisors to improve their offering, making it more attractive to prospective franchisees

Between these three lines of service, Transworld franchisees are able to strengthen their local economies and improve their communities. 

2. Transworld’s Services are In-Demand

It’s impossible to predict how any new business will perform, but Transworld franchisees have the advantage of offering services that are in high demand. Thousands of businesses are up for sale at any given moment, and sellers rely on brokers like Transworld business advisors to discreetly connect them with sellers – which is why our industry has shown stable growth over the years. Additionally, small business owners continue to turn to franchising as they consider ways to safely grow their businesses. Transworld’s franchisees also help in this regard, setting their local entrepreneurs onto the right path towards franchising. 

3. Become a Business Advisor with a Turnkey Model

No experience in business brokerage or franchising? No problem! Our franchisees come to us from a variety of backgrounds. We’re able to work with them because we provide them with just about everything they need to get started, including:

  • Comprehensive training in our business model and processes
  • Startup support right from their own location
  • Marketing assistance
  • Proprietary software that makes it simple to manage their new business
  • … and much more

It’s so easy to set up a new Transworld franchise that we think of it as a turnkey model because, with our help, our franchisees are able to step right into their new roles as business advisors

4. Enjoy Career Freedom

Transworld is especially popular among franchisees who are looking for more flexibility in their work lives. You can run a Transworld franchise right from your home office, and are free to set appointments on your schedule. Many day-to-day tasks can be completed just about any time, so it’s typically not a problem to work in kids’ soccer practice, family vacations, or even doctor appointments. 

Best of all, there’s plenty of opportunity for growth with a Transworld franchise, so you’re able to set your own goals. We work with our franchisees throughout the life of their businesses to help them achieve sustainable growth. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a business advisor? Contact us today!