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Opening your own business brokers franchise is easier than ever when you partner with Transworld. Many of our franchisees started off wondering if they were really qualified to break into this industry but soon found that Transworld’s comprehensive training and support prepared them to jump into their new career with confidence. Because of this, we’re able to find franchise partners that come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Here, we’ll review a few of the qualities we look for in potential franchisees.

Looking for More Freedom

Many of our franchisees are spurred to action because they aren’t happy in their current careers. Corporate employees, in particular, find that they’re tired of working on someone else’s schedule. A lack of flexibility can make it difficult to spend time with family, friends, and on hobbies, and disappointing salaries don’t give them much hope for change. If you’re a corporate employee who’s looking for more freedom, you might be the right fit for a Transworld franchise. Our franchisees are able to set appointments on their own time, and prioritize their tasks for themselves. Need to leave early to pick up a child from school? That’s your decision – no need to check with us. Best of all, when your business brokers franchise does well, you’ll enjoy the majority of your profits for yourself.


Running your own business takes a lot of initiative, and a Transworld business brokers franchise is no different. We’re looking for employees who are self-motivated and ready to grow their new business. Franchisees who get creative by taking the initiative to attend local chamber of commerce meetings and network with local business owners are particularly well-positioned to thrive. Along these lines, great organizational skills are a must, as they help our franchisees manage their appointments and tasks.

Financially Qualified

Starting a Transworld business brokers franchise is a great opportunity for those who looking to make an efficient investment; low-overhead and operating expenses make our franchise especially affordable to run. Once you’ve invested in the requisite technology and other necessities, you won’t need to worry about things like ordering inventory or paying for a commercial lease – many of our franchisees work right out of their home office. All in all, starting one of our franchises costs around $100,000, a remarkably low figure for any franchise. This covers our modest initial franchise fee, which entitles you to a comprehensive range of training and support services – including some marketing assistance to help you spread the word about your new business! We’re looking for franchisees who are prepared to make this initial investment without breaking the bank. That being said, we encourage our franchisees to seek out third-party financing to help manage the expense.

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