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As long as there are businesses, there will constantly be a demand for business brokers. Over the past five years, the business brokerage industry has seen an increase in revenue, valuing it at over $1 billion in 2018 with no signs of going down. As the older generations start to retire and younger generations are looking for new opportunities and investments, the business brokerage industry has greatly benefited. Here is how you can get involved in the industry today.

Invest in a Business Broker Franchise Opportunity

The business brokerage industry can be extremely profitable, but only if you get into it the right way. If you want to start your own firm with your own name on the sign, you are running the risk of putting more time, effort, and resources as you try to establish yourself. When you start your own business, you don’t have the training that ensures you know what you are doing, the support to help you along the way, or the time-tested business model that has been proven to work. This is why so many people invest in their own Transworld franchise. For a total investment of $100,000, you gain access to a $1 billion industry with training, support, and a business model that has been researched and perfected over the years.

Go Above and Beyond What Other Business Brokers Can Offer

With a Transworld franchise, not only do you get to be a business broker with a well-established name on your sign, you also get to help franchisors as well. Here at Transworld, we refer to ourselves as business advisors because we cover it all: businesses, franchises, mergers, acquisitions, and more. Our turnkey opportunity enables our franchise owners to come from many walks of life and be able to help any business owner that walks through their door.

Join the Best in the Business Brokerage Industry

We have been voted as the #1 company in the business brokerage industry by Entrepreneur Magazine! Being on the prestigious Franchise 500 list means that we are a top choice for investors, especially those who are looking to break into such a profitable industry. When it comes to a business brokerage franchise, never settle for the second-best. Our support network, high-profit potential, lifestyle flexibility, and low-cost investment make us an amazing franchise opportunity.

Find Work-Life Balance to Make the Most Out of Your Career

The best in the business always find balance between work life and personal life. With your own Transworld franchise, you are the boss. You have a say in whether you hire employees, what hours you work, and how many clients you manage. Having all of the control over your day-to-day work life enables you to have more control over your personal life. With a Transworld franchise, you can pick your kids up from school, visit the dentist, or go out to lunch — and no one that can tell you “no.” This freedom and flexibility are some things that come with a franchise opportunity that offers training, support, and a business model that puts you in a better position than private business ownership.

Visit our website to learn how you can break into the business brokerage industry today with a Transworld franchise!