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Our business brokerage franchise is part of a network of 500+ brokers worldwide. Franchisees love working with Transworld because we’ve created a straightforward system that allows them to run thriving businesses. Furthermore, there are lots of perks to look forward to when you partner with Transworld! Here, learn about a few of the reasons franchisees have loved Transworld for decades. 

1. Comprehensive Support – Not Micromanagement 

One of the best reasons to partner with Transworld is that you can count on us to support you as you grow your business. Our franchisees love that they can use resources like business coaching, marketing assistance, and expert guidance to their advantage. As a franchise with many years under our belts, our time-tested system has been proven to work effectively.

That said, we also don’t believe in micromanaging franchisees. You’re free to make many decisions independently, such as which clients to work with, when to set appointments, and so forth. Enjoy the perks of running your own business without the burden of going it alone. 

2. Multiple Revenue Streams

While we’re well known as a business brokerage franchise, our franchisees are able to offer multiple lines of service, which translates into multiple revenue streams:

  • Business brokerage, to help facilitate the sale of businesses
  • Franchise development, to help new franchises get started
  • Franchise consulting, to help existing franchises see better results

Franchisees can work with a large pool of potential customers and can count on us to stay on top of industry trends to keep our services in high demand.

3. A Trusted Brand Name

It can take new businesses some time to see a profit as they need to build a strong reputation and customer base. Partnering with Transworld can reduce that time thanks to our well-established brand name and reputation. People across the U.S. already know that Transworld is a name they can trust, and that recognition goes a long way for new business brokerage franchisees just opening their doors. Operating under the Transworld name communicates credibility instantly to new customers.

4. Comprehensive Initial Training

Don’t know where to start when it comes to business brokerage? Don’t worry; we know how to get you up-to-speed. Our training program is designed to teach industry newcomers how to provide effective professional services, even if they don’t have business ownership experience.

5. B2B Model

Transworld provides necessary services to other businesses, making us a B2B business. Because other businesses need our help, we’re not as susceptible to economic ups and downs as other franchises that rely more on changing consumer tastes. That’s one reason we’ve been around since 1979! If you’re looking for a stable business opportunity, business brokerage could be for you.

Contact Transworld today to learn what it takes to open a business brokerage franchise of your own.