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Here at Transworld, we acknowledge that business advisors franchises may run into issues along the way, and we are here to help. Training and support are key to owning a business advisors franchise, and even with all the resources provided, you may run into some problems when it comes to brokering a business. Here are some potential issues to be aware of with your business advisors franchise and how you may be able to avoid them.


As a business broker, it is key to schedule time accordingly when it comes to the actual brokering. If you allocate too much time to a client and not enough to another, it could be catastrophic to your franchise and the clients.

An important aspect of being a business broker is the ability to compromise with both the buyer and the seller to reach a deal that satisfies both parties, and if you are taking too much of their time or not giving enough time to the matter, it may not work in your favor. You must be efficient with your time and service when brokering a business.

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Sellers ultimately decide what price they are willing to pay for a business, and if your client does not agree with it, that may become an issue for brokering the business. Negotiating and compromising between the buyer and seller is imperative to your business advisors franchise’s success. Offering alternatives and using Transworld’s programs for resale and development could help with the most stubborn buyers and sellers, and help your franchise grow in terms of clients.

If your client is looking for ways to grow their business as opposed to selling, you can offer franchise developmental assistance by investigating the feasibility and profitability their business may have. This opens up opportunities for the seller to make money while keeping their business and investors to buy franchises.

Client Dissatisfaction

Business advisors franchises always run into difficult clients and difficult transactions. Transworld tries to remain positive and helpful for franchisees by having 24/7 support to help in any way we can. As a result, business advisors have the chance to see successful deals even with the most difficult client.

Lack of Professional Workspace

Owning a Transworld franchise provides a lot of flexibility in terms of office space. However, if you choose to own a business advisor franchise from home, you should be sure to have a professional space where clients feel they are receiving quality brokerage. With the low investment cost of a Transworld franchise, it should be easy to find an affordable workspace outside the home if need be.

If you are interested in learning more about how to prevent these issues in your business advisors franchise, check out our resource library or contact us with any questions.