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If you are looking for a new and exciting career, you may realize that becoming a business broker could mean a lot of profit and flexibility. Investing in a Transworld franchise can add more assurance that those two things could happen because of the perks that come with one. There are a lot of benefits to investing in a Transworld franchise as opposed to starting a small business broker firm. Here are the top 3.

You Get Training AND Support

What many entrepreneurs don’t consider when they decide to go into business for themselves is that they are going into business by themselves. There is no one there to guide them down the right path, no one to help figure out the costs, no business model, and there is certainly no professional support. With a Transworld franchise, you get all of that plus more! We have developed a training program that can help turn almost any interested and driven entrepreneur into a business broker franchise owner, regardless of prior experience.

We fly out our franchise owners to train them at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and, over the course of two weeks, they learn everything they need for their franchise development and operations. By the end of this two-week period, franchisees will know how to run, manage, and grow a successful Transworld Business Advisors franchise. After the training, we don’t expect you to feel 100% confident that you’re ready to hit the ground running, which is why we set you up with a representative to help mentor you.

The business brokerage industry is constantly changing, so we make sure our franchisees are always up-to-date. We offer ongoing training and support even after your franchise opens, so you are always in the loop on what is happening in your industry and any adjustments to your franchise.

You Can Work Outside of a Traditional Office

One of the great things about a Transworld franchise is that there are little-to-no site requirements. Since you are a business broker/franchise advisor, all you really need to operate a franchise is a place to meet with professionals to broker deals. This means you could rent an office location, set up shop at a coworking space, or even work from home if you have the means to do so.

In addition to the location flexibility, with a Transworld franchise you can also enjoy greater work-life flexibility. If you have commitments to attend to, whether it’s picking up your kids from school, going to the dentist, or visiting family, you can create a schedule that works for everything that may come up throughout your day.

You Get to Help People

Transworld is in the business of helping businesses. We work with owners who are trying to make the best choices for their business and for themselves. Our franchisees become licensed business brokers and franchise development advisors, so you can help almost any owner who comes to your business. We have a turnkey investment that covers everything a franchisee needs to get started, so once you are licensed and have gone through the training, you are ready to go!

There are so many valuable perks to investing in a Transworld franchise as opposed to going into business by yourself. From the franchise development to the training and even the ongoing support, we have made sure that our process and business model set you up on the right path that could lead to success.

If you are looking for more information about Transworld and our business brokerage franchise opportunity, visit our FAQs.