There are plenty of franchise opportunities out there. If you’re a business-savvy, goal-oriented individual who is ready to break out on your own, business brokerage might be the right path for you!

Keep reading to learn more about this rewarding field and find out how you can get started.

The Role of the Business Broker

If you’ve never bought or sold a company before, you might not know what exactly a business broker does. The business broker is an impartial third party that helps business buyers and sellers reach a happy agreement and close the deal. As a business broker you might work with the buyer only, or seller, or both parties. A franchise consultant plays a similar role albeit for franchise sales, rather than for stand-alone businesses.

Your goal is to try to satisfy the demands of the seller while working within the budget of the buyer. It can be a challenging process, but as any business broker would agree, it’s a job that keeps you on your toes. The feeling that you get when you seal the deal is priceless.


Franchise Consultant and Business Brokerage Services are in Demand

Imagine for a minute every time a business is bought or sold in the United States. It adds up to a lot of sales, and according to recent surveys there is only one business brokerage firm for every 1,850 businesses in the U.S. This leaves a huge opportunity for you, and it’s the reason Transworld franchisees are capitalizing on the growing business brokerage industry.

As a leader in commercial and franchise brokerage, Transworld is an easy choice for buyers and sellers looking for a seamless, successful transaction. We’ve been ranked as the #1 business brokerage franchise by the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 and are backed by the United Franchise Group, a franchise powerhouse with over 30 years in business. Proven systems plus a booming industry…there’s truly no better time to consider a business brokerage franchise.

At Last, a Career That’s Stimulating and Profitable

Many people are looking for a career where they can do what they love. What a treat to be able to make your own hours instead of putting in overtime at the office with zero flexibility. Unfortunately, those kind of jobs don’t always pay the bills.

As a business broker or franchise consultant, you can have it all. Because business brokerage requires zero inventory and low overhead, there is unlimited potential when it comes to profits. One benefit of becoming a business broker with Transworld is that you can list the for-sale business confidentially using our proprietary software. This means the seller doesn’t have to deal with unqualified queries and offers, which translate to a higher, easier profit for the broker at the end of the day.

As you can see, there are a lot of perks that come with becoming a Transworld franchise consultant or business broker. If you are ready to make the transition to franchise owner and think business brokerage is the right path for you, contact us today to learn more!

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