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Transworld franchise consulting businesses provide valuable, in-demand services that support companies in virtually every industry. As a result, franchisees are able to serve a wide range of customers. No matter which industries are flourishing in your territory, your business has a lot to offer. Here, take a look at a few of the B2B clients you could be working with as a Transworld franchisee. 


The restaurant industry is thriving. Despite the pandemic, the demand for restaurant food is high, and many brands are optimistic about 2021 and beyond. Quick-service restaurants, in particular, are surging in popularity and are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% through 2027. Many restaurants are rethinking their game plans post-COVID-19, so business brokerage and franchise consulting businesses like Transworld will be in high demand.

Health & Wellness

The $4.2 billion health and wellness industry has been increasing in popularity since 2017. The industry encompasses services like massage, wellness tourism, supplements, self-care, and more. People today are more conscious of their own well-being than ever before and are willing to invest in themselves. As new wellness concepts begin to take off, Transworld is well-equipped to help them expand via franchising. 


Unsurprisingly, the technology industry is also booming. Emerging sectors like computing and artificial intelligence “continue to dominate the technology industry,” while other areas continue to grow. For instance, smartphone sales are projected to increase 50% in the 2nd quarter of 2021. We rely on technology to support virtually every aspect of our lives; businesses that sell computers, phones, automotive devices, and repairs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this massive industry. Transworld franchisees are well-equipped to help these businesses grow via franchising, be bought and sold to new owners, and much more.

How Transworld Supports Businesses in Industries Like These

Businesses in these industries are in just about every community, and each one has its own unique needs. Transworld franchisees provide a number of valuable services, including:

  • Business brokerage: Facilitating the sale of a business to new owners; franchisees help connect sellers with qualified buyers while protecting their sensitive information every step of the way.
  • Franchise development: When businesses are ready to take the next step towards growth, they often look at franchising to help them reach their goals. Transworld franchisees can help them make the switch from independent operator to franchisor.
  • Franchise consulting: Transworld is also a franchise consulting business, helping established franchisors stay on the right track by maximizing their systems, improving resources, and more. 

Don’t know much about any of these services? No worries – we’re here to teach you! Transworld is a great opportunity for anyone who’s ready to go into business for themselves.

Contact Transworld today to learn more about what it takes to start a franchise consulting business of your own.